Shower room installation, Hesleden Road, Acklam

Suite supplied by Ben the plumber 20150313_134000The bath was replaced with a full length (1700 x 700) shower tray. A fixed screen with curved return was used along with chrome drip strip on the tray edge to ensure no water escapes from the shower area.


20150313_133947The concealed shower valve was placed at the walk in end of the shower so that it can be turned on before entering the shower.

20150313_133933The shower valve controls the square ceiling mounted fixed head outlet

20150313_134009The light fitting was replaced with chrome finish LED downlights.

20150313_134026PVC gloss white ceiling panels with chrome infill worked well on this ceiling with an angle at the side.




20150307_095617The window wall was built out here by a couple of inches to house the concealed shower valve and also so that there was no gap to be filled at the end of the shower tray.



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