Shower room installation, Hesleden Road, Acklam

Suite supplied by Ben the plumber 20150313_134000The bath was replaced with a full length (1700 x 700) shower tray. A fixed screen with curved return was used along with chrome drip strip on the tray edge to ensure no water escapes from the shower area.


20150313_133947The concealed shower valve was placed at the walk in end of the shower so that it can be turned on before entering the shower.

20150313_133933The shower valve controls the square ceiling mounted fixed head outlet

20150313_134009The light fitting was replaced with chrome finish LED downlights.

20150313_134026PVC gloss white ceiling panels with chrome infill worked well on this ceiling with an angle at the side.




20150307_095617The window wall was built out here by a couple of inches to house the concealed shower valve and also so that there was no gap to be filled at the end of the shower tray.



Bathroom installation, Newfield Close, Acklam

20150505_141908In this bathroom, the bath had previously been replaced with a shower tray. Now the new owner of the property wanted the bath back as well as the shower tray.

20150505_141409To do this, the toilet and basin were moved in slightly so the new bath could go where the original one once was.

20150505_141805Due to lack of wall space anywhere else, the towel radiator was fitted over the bath.

20150505_141918Frameless shower enclosure.




20150505_141939Ceiling mounted watering can style shower outlet.

20150505_141647The concealed shower valve was fitted in the cupboard behind the bathroom, allowing for access should any maintenance be required.

Before and after pictures…